We come to you

Convenient Scheduling

Have a day or time when all your trucks are on your lot? Our crews will be there to take advantage of your down time. Trucks always out and moving? We will come over serval days throughout the week to wash your trucks as they come in and out

Our Chemicals

We use a database of over 350 chemicals, soaps, and solvents to best attack your specific washing needs. We first identify what is dirty on different parts of your trucks. Then we go through our database to find what works best for each application. This helps us to ensure every area of your truck is washed with the correct application. 

Permanent Wash Tech

Large fleets can be difficult to get entirely washed every week. To solve this we offer a Permanent Wash Tech just for your fleet. Our Wash Tech will be onsite all day, everyday providing you service as need. 

How to SHINE

Make your fleet shine. Our best results come as a result of weekly washes. Washing weekly keeps your trucks clean, drivers happy, and sustains your image. Call us today to find how affordable washing weekly can be. 

EPA Compliance 

We work with the EPA to ensure we are properly discharging our waste water within regulation of the CWA of 1972. Trust us to avoid heavy fines and help keep waste water out of the natural environment. 


No bullshit here, we only work with the best. 


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