Hand Scrubed

Efficient Time Management

Quaility Wash

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Selma Truck Wash

EZ Wash Selma

4465 Buffalo rd. Selma NC, 27576

7Am-8Pm Mon- Sat

(919) 995-7984

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Henderson Truck Wash

EZ Wash Henderson

256 Flemingtown Rd. Henderson NC, 27537

8Am- 8Pm Mon- Sat

(919) 995-7984 

Quality Service

At EZ Wash, we understand the trucking business. We understand that you need to meet your deadlines and arrive clean. So, we offer quality service with industry leading turn arounds.



EZ Wash offers a superior truck wash packed with wash benefits to ensure a clean truck including hand scrubbing, high tech chemicals, and attention to details. We also offer free extras for accounts, such as: free touch up between washes, free pollen rinses and more.




EZ Wash has two convenient locations, one in Selma off exit 333 on 70 and one in Henderson at the truck stop off exit 220 on 85.  Wherever your route may lead, EZ Wash will get you there cleaner.


Our services include:

All Vehicle Washing, Rain Repellent, Tire Shine, Engine Washes, Trailer Washouts, Disinfectant, Hopper Washouts, Hopper Wax, Pneumatic Washouts, Mud Removal, Excess load disposal, and more.

EZ Wash can wash anything that comes into our bay including Tractor and Trailers, RVs, Buses, Heavy Equipment, Dump Trucks, Service Vehicles, Vans, and more. If you bring it we can wash it.